Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. As part of the services we provide you, we at Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge need to collect some of your personal data. When interacting with you through our websites, apps, products and digital services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Platforms”) in some cases we also record:

  • Personal information, so you can enjoy the services provided by Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge;
  • Data from your device, through files called “cookies”, to improve the performance of the Platforms.

By means of this Privacy Policy we intend to answer as many of your questions as possible, as a part of the universe of Clients and Users of Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Clients”, or “your” or “their”), regarding:

  • The personal data we collect;
  • How and why we use it;
  • With whom we share it;
  • How we protect your privacy when you use our services or visit our platforms.


At Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge we are committed to protecting the security and privacy of the Clients who use the various websites and apps we make available. For this reason, we have prepared this Privacy Policy to affirm our commitment to and respect for the rules of privacy and protection of personal data.

This Privacy Policy applies even if you booked your room through a third party, such as a travel agent, booking.com or tripadvisor.com and it is included in the Terms, Policies and General Conditions of Use.

It is important to us that you are aware of the general privacy rules and the terms of processing and collecting your data, operations we carry out in accordance with the applicable legislation in this field, particularly Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (“General Data Protection Regulation”).

At Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge we respect and engage in best practices in terms of the security and protection of personal data, promoting actions and improving systems to effectively protect all data the Client makes available to us.

Using our Platforms, completing our forms and providing your data, whether directly or indirectly, implies knowledge and acceptance of the terms of this Policy, the Terms, Policies and General Conditions of Use and any other specific terms, policies and conditions relating to the subscribed services. Read the respective terms and conditions carefully when you subscribe to any of our services.

Don’t forget: when you make your personal data available, you are authorising the collection, processing, use and disclosure of that data in accordance with the rules defined herein.

Under this Privacy Policy, those responsible for processing your personal data especially in the matter of the European DSGVO is:

Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge
Harald Hildemann
+265 (0) 88 458 1098
Nkhotakota – Malawi
GPS: 13°03’00.6″S 34°19’36.1″E

“Personal data” means any information of any nature and regardless of its media (including sounds and images) relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject).

An identifiable person is one that can be recognised either directly or indirectly, including by reference to an identification number or other specific elements of their physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge collects and handles the personal data required to provide its services and/or subscriptions to features, products and services. In particular:

  • When booking a room or travelling with us
  • When using our Platforms
  • When contacting us

We may also receive your personal data through other entities, such as:

From our suppliers who provide services in our name;
From our partners
From travel agents or other operators who book a room for you.

For more information about the sharing of your data with other entities, see Point “Under what circumstances will we share data with other entities?”

Your personal data may include:

    • Your name
    • Your identification and contact details
    • Information about your travel itinerary (for example, your booking number)
    • Information about how you use our Platforms or how you interact with us

We also collect location data, with the Client’s prior consent, and without prejudice to compliance with applicable laws.

Rights of minors

We are particularly concerned with protecting the rights of minors. The collection of personal information from people under the age of 18 requires the consent of their parents or guardians.

When we collect data about minors we always ask for the e-mail address of their parents or guardians to obtain confirmation that they consent to our processing of the data about the minors in question.

Categories of personal data we collect

1. When you book a room or check-in in our Lodge:
We require your name and contact details (e-mail address, telephone number and postal address).
Provision of this data is mandatory, without which Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge will not be able to provide the requested product or service. In such cases, the Client will always be told that this information is mandatory for the process to continue.

2. When you book or manage your room booking
You will be asked for information about your bookings and trip itinerary should you require assistance, or whether you have dietary requirements or specific baggage requirements. This information can also include any changes to your booking and travel products related to it.

3. When you make a booking on behalf of others: You must provide information about the other persons when booking. If you book a room in someone else’s name, you must have their permission to provide their personal data.

4. When you purchase products or services:
You will be asked for information about the respective transactions, including the details of the credit card you use to make payment.

5. When you contact Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge or are contacted by Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge:
All communications exchanged with us (e-mails, letters or phone call).

6. When you interact with us on social networks:
All publications and messages on social networks that are sent to Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge.

7. When you respond to one of our satisfaction surveys/questionnaires:
Information gathered when you share your opinion of us by these methods.

8. When you use our Platforms, pursuant to our Cookies and other Tracking Technologies Policy:
Information about how you use our Platforms

9. When you choose to provide this information to create an account or through the management of your preferences, as well as when you register or cancel your subscriptions:
Information related to your subscriptions, as well as other information related to your preferences.

With your explicit consent;
When it is required to collect it because of a legal obligation imposed upon Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge;
When it is has been made openly public.

The Client’s personal data is generally used to provide and manage the services contracted, subscribed or booked, as well as for the study, improvement and adaptation of services to their interests and requirements and to streamline the booking processes.

You may provide us with your personal data for other purposes, however, such as to receive information about Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge, to take part in competitions and market surveys, to receive marketing communications (in particular, campaigns and promotions for our services and products) and when making complaints or suggestions.

We will use this personal data for the following reasons:

1. To manage your bookings and to provide our services.

we will use your personal data to provide services relating to your stay or visit. We will also use your data to change your bookings, should you require.

2. To communicate and manage our relationship with you.

We may occasionally contact you by e-mail or text message for administrative or operational reasons. For example, we may contact you to confirm your booking and payment, to inform you about your travel itinerary or any potential disturbances or changes to your booking.

Since these communications are operational in nature and are not conducted for marketing purposes, you will continue to receive them even if you have opted out of receiving marketing communications.

We will also use your personal data to respond to your requests, suggestions or contacts and also to improve our services and your experience as a Client.

3. To inform you of news and offers that may interest you.

Would you like to receive our marketing communications? Find out how.

When you subscribe to our marketing communications you will begin receiving newsletters with information about Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge, ranging from information about best offers we have for you – from information about our lodge to other associated travel products.

Important note: Your personal data will never be shared with other companies for marketing purposes without your consent.

Do you not want to receive our marketing communications?

Should you not wish to receive this kind of communication just click on the cancel subscription link at the bottom of any Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge marketing communication.

4. Personalise and improve your experience as a Client

By using your personal data, we can more effectively adapt our services to your needs and preferences, to ensure you have the best personalised experience with us.

4. To improve our services and meet our administrative goals.

The business goals for which we use your information, include accounting, billing and auditing, credit card or other payment card verification, fraud analysis, security, legal and procedural purposes, statistical studies and system development and maintenance.

Personal data is processed in accordance with applicable legislation and is stored in databases specially created for the purpose.

Where there is no specific legal requirement, the length of time this data is stored varies, depending on the purpose for which it was collected. However, there are legal requirements that state the data must be retained for a specific amount of time.

The data subject can, under the terms of the law and at any time, request access to any personal information, and to correct, delete or limit the treatment and portability of the data, or refuse permission for it to be processed (with the exception of data that is strictly necessary for the provision of a service), by sending a request for such by registered letter to:

Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge

You can receive confirmation of which of your personal data is processed, as well as obtain access to it. A copy of the data processed by Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge can be made available to you, should you require.

By law you are guaranteed the right, through the methods outlined above, to withdraw your permission for the processing of data, for which your consent was required to make its treatment legitimate. You may withdraw your consent at any time, although this will not invalidate the processing of data conducted up to that date based on your previous consent.

Under the terms of the law, the Client or User may also, at any time, request that their personal data be deleted.

They are also entitled to, pursuant to the applicable legislation, to request a limitation on the processing or portability of their data, when the legally envisaged conditions are complied with. To do so, they must submit a request through the channels outlined above.

Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy, the data subject has the right to submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Authority (CNPD), or to any other legally competent authority, should they consider their data is not being processed in a legitimate manner by Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge, in accordance with the terms of the applicable legislation and this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy applies to all Platform Users. However, given the inherent specificity of the use of these digital Platforms (websites and apps), it is important that some particularly important questions are duly regulated.

1. Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge is aware that the sending of personal information is a major concern for the Client when using the Internet. On all our websites and apps, personal data collection forms require encrypted browser sessions.

2. All personal data made available to us is securely stored in our systems. Once stored, best technical and procedural security practices are implemented to ensure they are protected.

3. Notwithstanding the security measures adopted by Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge, we advise you that when you access the Internet you should regularly take precautions and additional security measures, in particular by using an updated computer and browser. You must exercise caution when using shared computers to access your personal Client accounts, taking care not to share your access data with third parties.

4. For your protection, access to some of the features available on our Platforms is password protected, and that the password must not be shared with third parties. For reasons of security, we recommend that you memorise your password and change it frequently.

 We only ask for your credit/debit card details when you want to make a booking or pay for a product or service. Our Platforms are secured using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which encrypts the communications between your personal computer and the server, to ensure these communications cannot be intercepted.


Our websites and applications use cookies and other similar tracking technologies to distinguish you from other users during your use of the website or applications. These technologies help us provide you with a better experience whenever you browse the websites or applications, allowing the website or application to be improved and to provide the Client with content, offers, campaigns, promotions or targeted and customised information.

Cookies – What are they?

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer or mobile device through the browser and which allow websites or applications to remember your choices, dates and previous navigation on the website, only retaining information related to your preferences.

Cookies – What are they used for?

Cookies are used to help determine the usefulness, interest and the number of times our websites or applications are used, allowing users faster and more efficient navigation, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

The cookie is accepted or rejected according to your browser settings. When you browse on the website or application and the cookie is accepted, the next time you visit the website or application our Web server will recognise your computer or mobile device. Accordingly, when the Client visits the website again, the cookie that has already been accepted will recognise it and save you from having to enter data you had previously provided.

Cookies – What kind of cookies are there?

Permanent cookies – These cookies are stored on your access equipment (PC, mobile and tablet) even after closing the browser, and which are used whenever you visit one of our websites or applications again. They are used generally to direct navigation to the user’s interests, enabling us to provide a more customised service.

Session cookies – these are temporary cookies that remain in your browser’s cookie file until you leave the website or application. The information collected by these cookies is used to analyse traffic patterns on the web, allowing us to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.

Cookies – How do we use them?

Strictly necessary cookies – They allow you to browse our website and use its applications and features, as well as providing access to secure areas of the websites or applications. The services you want to use cannot be provided without these cookies.

Analytical cookies – They are used anonymously to create and analyse statistics related to the use of websites or applications, in order to improve how they work.

Functionality cookies – They store user preferences regarding the use of the website, so that it is not necessary to set them each time you visit.

Advertising cookies – They register information about your activity in terms of browsing and shopping, in order to present the most relevant offers, campaigns and promotions for you and which best reflect your interests. They steer the advertising according to the interests of each user. They also limit the number of times you see the advertisement, helping to measure the effectiveness of that piece of advertising.

Third-party cookies – They measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising. They may also be used as a way to customise a function with the user’s data.

Cookies – How to use them?

The website or application user can enable or disable the acceptance of cookies, by changing the settings on their computer or mobile device.

The user is entitled to set their browser to indicate when a cookie is received or even disable its acceptance. However, we advises you that this will prevent you from using some of our services in full and stop you having your navigation on our website enhanced and customised.

If the privacy setting of your browser is set to “High”, you will not be able to access some of our services and may be unable to fully use all our website or application features.. To resolve this issue, add our Internet addresses to the list of permitted websites in the privacy settings of your browser.

If you are accessing our websites through a corporate computer and cannot enter, the problem may be in your computer’s corporate security settings. We recommend that you contact your system administrator.

Your personal data may be disclosed to third parties in the following situations:

When we resorts to other entities for the provision of certain services, which may possibly involve these entities having access to your personal data. However, we ensure that all subcontractors will treat your data in our name, on our behalf and with the strict requirement to follow our instructions. The same subcontractors offer guarantees that they employ sufficient technical and organisational measures to ensure the data is processed in accordance with the requirements of the applicable law and that the safety and rights of the data subjects are protected, in accordance with the subcontracting agreement.

In any of the circumstances mentioned above, we committed to taking all reasonable measures to ensure the effective protection of the personal data it processes.

We reserves the right at any time to make any modifications or updates to this Privacy Policy, alterations that will be duly updated on our Platforms. We suggest that you check them regularly to be made aware of any changes.

You can contact us for more information about how your personal data is used, as well as for any other matters connected with the exercise of your rights under the applicable legislation and, particularly, those contained in this Policy.

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