Visit Nkhotakota Music Festival 2019!

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Spend the weekend at Nkhotakota Pottery Lodge and use our shuttle to visit the festival. Enjoy a day full of traditional & international music and the next morning you wake up right at the beach of Lake Malawi.

Harald HildemannVisit Nkhotakota Music Festival 2019!

Welcome to Martin Hobbs

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The last days we had Martin Hobbs and his Team staying with us. He is a soloswimmer and about to set up a world record by swimming through Lake Malawi from north to south. We wish him good luck and a lot of motivation for the last days!!

Visit his website:

Harald HildemannWelcome to Martin Hobbs

What a beautiful day at our Lodge☀️

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Our artist Gregory is getting ready for the Banana panting party. After lunch we will have a lot of fun panting, beading and learning “Jembe” together right at the beach front.

We hope to get inspired by one another! Hopefully we can do more art lessons in the future.

More about our plans regarding art projects will follow soon!

JulianWhat a beautiful day at our Lodge☀️